Deposit Maximum


A deposit account for thoose who want the highest fixed interest rate and can deposit their money for a set term.

Savings Account


A deposit account for those who want additional income and still get access to their savings at any time.

3 reasons to save through eDeposit.lv

Profitable, Safe, Simple!
  • eDeposit.lv is Profitable
    •  - You earn more than through a traditional deposit
    •  - Free of charge account opening, account maintenance and all operations on the account
    •  - No minimum balance is required for a Savings Account
    •  - Guaranteed best interest rate for 14 days after the submission of the account application for a fixed-term Deposit
  • eDeposit.lv is Safe
    •  - Your money is insured by the Latvian state to the maximum extent allowed by the law
    •  - Your money is secured by the best technological solutions
    •  - NORVIK BANKA is a leader among Latvian banks in profitability and capitalisation
  • eDeposit.lv is Simple
    •  - Our Terms and Conditions are clear; our tariffs are transparent and fair
    •  - 24/7 account access and account support from the Customer Service Centre
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